RF Slimming Treatment and What Food to Eat and Avoid After the Procedure

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When signs of ageing hit, no one is exempted. You cannot run away from it. One part of our body that is mostly affected by ageing is our skin. No one wants those loose skin, flabs and jiggly parts on your arms and tummy. Want to lose all that sagging skin but don’t have any time to hit the gym?

The LookBook recommends Radiofrequency or RF slimming treatment. Not only it tightens skin, but it also gives your body shape and definition. Continue reading this article to know more about RF slimming treatment and what food to eat and avoid after the procedure. This may be the answer to your sagging skin problem and the curves you are dreaming of.

What are the benefits of RF slimming treatment?

  • Painless and quick – convenient, quick and painless. Immediately shows results without undergoing painful cosmetic procedures.
  • Non- invasive- no scary cosmetic tools, no needles in this treatment.
  • Improvements after treatment- even though you have completed your treatment course, your collagen production still keeps ongoing.
  • No downtime- you can go back to your normal activities right after the treatment.
  • Tones and tighten skin- firmer skin after the treatment.
  • Specific skin problems can also benefit from the treatment- acne and acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles can be also corrected by the treatment. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Relaxing- some patients have fallen asleep while having the treatment. It’s like having a massage.

What is Radiofrequency or RF Treatment?

RF Slimming Procedure

RF slimming treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical skin tightening and body contouring. That means this treatment is safe and painless. It also minimizes cellulite which can give you a slimmer and firmer skin. Radiofrequency targets fat release from tissues and boost collagen production by delivering intense heat to the deeper tissues such as the dermis.

It is based on the fact that radiofrequency with high electrical current frequency (300khz-40mhz) does not affect the outer layer part of the skin (epidermis). It targets only the middle part of the skin (dermis) and the deepest layer of the skin (hypodermis) where fat tissues and collagen-producing cells are located. It does not only contour your body; it also removes wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

What body parts can be treated with RF slimming treatment?

RF slimming treatment can be done any part of the body with cellulite or part that needs contouring and tightening. The most common areas that are treated are:

  • arms
  • upper and lower abdomen
  • back fat
  • inner and outer thighs
  • buttocks
  • bra rolls
  • chin fat
  • face

How long is the treatment?

The treatment usually takes 15-50 minutes, depending on the treated area. The bigger the area, the longer the time needed for the treatment. The LookBook called this “lunch break treatment” because you can even do it on your lunch break. It does not have downtime so you can easily go back to your regular activities or work after.

Is RF slimming treatment Painful?

As mentioned earlier, RF slimming treatment is non-invasive or non-surgical. So, during the procedure, you will not feel any pain. Yes! It is painless. As the radio frequency penetrates the skin and tissues, you will feel a mild vibration. It is like having a massage. Some patients may feel a tingling sensation below the applicator. The sensation felt may differ depending on the part of the body treated. After the procedure, your skin will feel warm and there will be redness but don’t worry it will be back to its normal after one to two days.

Food Tips After Rf Treatment

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To help you really achieve the best results, it is wise to follow these food tips after rf slimming treatment:

  1. Food to eat to boost health after rf slimming treatment

The LookBook recommends eating foods that help increase the rate of metabolisms like fruits, vegetable, bean, and lentils. These foods help eliminate toxins from the body. And of course, drink plenty of water.

  1. Food to avoid after rf slimming treatment

On the other hand, it is recommended to avoid the following after the treatment as these foods are high in calories that can lead to more fat deposits in the body and will make the treatment futile.

  • Foods that contain high-fat and carbohydrates such as biscuits, cakes, and pastries.
  • Foods that contain saturated fats and high salts like canned foods and pre-packed foods.
  • You also need to avoid too much coffee and alcoholic drinks.

Effectiveness and results

After each treatment, the areas treated will appear flatter and results may be seen as early as 3-4 weeks as your body keeps on clearing out fat cells after treatment. Your body’s metabolism is also a factor in achieving the result. But if you gained weight, which of course would affect your whole body, that might need for an additional session to maintain your body shape and younger-looking skin. Take note, RF slimming treatment results are long-term. You can maintain the results as long as you have a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Risks and complications

The known side effects associated with RF slimming treatment are redness, swelling and bruising. There is a more serious risk that rarely happens like burns, open sore or infection. This happens if the patient is exposed to high doses or improper treatment procedure has been done. To avoid these risks and complications, make sure to look for a qualified clinic that offers RF slimming treatment. You can also consult a doctor and ask for recommendations. Always be cautious in choosing the doctor or clinic to avoid any complications.