Everything You Need to Know About Mole Removal Treatments in Singapore and Other Alternative Treatments (Includes Food-based Treatments and more!)

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Having a mole is normal. Almost all people have them. They can also grow at any part of your body and at any time in your life (though mostly before you reach 30). Moles are characterized by small dark growths on the skin brought about by the accumulation of too many melanocytes, the skin cells that are responsible for pigmentation.

There are actually a lot of beliefs regarding moles that affect the way people perceive them. For certain cultures, having a mole, in a particular part of your body, is one way of telling your luck and fate in life. For the aesthetic aspect, some consider moles to be a mark of beauty especially those that are just small while others deem moles to be ugly especially those that are too big, protruding, and with growing hairs. In the medical perspective, most moles are not harmful and not considered as medical emergencies. However, it is also common knowledge that some moles can become cancerous. For these reasons, some people would opt to remove unwanted moles. For people who are not comfortable with having a particular mole, a mole removal treatment is an answer.

Mole removal treatments in Singapore is a common procedure normally done in many aesthetic clinics. If you are one of those people who is bothered of a particular mole, we talked with the doctors at 1Aesthetics, a premium medical boutique aesthetic in Singapore, and will provide you with information and tips regarding mole removal in Singapore.

Before Mole Removal

  1. Before deciding to have your mole removed, make sure to consult an accredited and qualified medical practitioner to do the job. Having your moles examined first will allow you to know and understand your mole – why it has such an appearance, if it is cancerous, or if it is advisable to have them removed.
    1Aesthetics guarantees that its medical practitioners and staff are well equipped with the knowledge and has the expertise to provide you with an informed decision for your mole.
  1. Discuss available mole removal treatments in Singapore with your medical practitioner that would best suit you and your mole. Make sure that you ask everything there is to know so that you can set your realistic expectations.

Available Mole Removal Treatments

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Below are available mole removal treatments in Singapore that can is also offered in 1Aesthetics:

  1. Surgical Excision. In this procedure, the area around the mole will be numbed with local anaesthesia. Then using a scalpel or similar device, the mole and some of the surrounding skin will be removed. The skin will be stitched back for it to heal properly.
  2. Radiofrequency Ablation. This procedure uses high frequency radiofrequency to remove moles. As compared to excision, this is a minor surgery. Anaesthesia is also administered before the procedure then only the mole will be removed by cutting tissue with the high-frequency current. At the same time, it can coagulate tissue without the application of physical pressure. Insulated needles are also used to treat buried moles but not affecting other skin around it. This is one of the preferred procedure for mole removal treatment in Singapore as it gives them excellent surgical control, precision, and vitality.
  3. Laser Removal. A mole removal procedure that uses a laser, which involves heated water vapour to gently remove the skin cells of the mole. Most clinics, like 1Aesthetic, uses Ultrapulse C02, which produces very short pulses of laser energy with high peak power. This procedure is also preferred as results will yield very minimal to no scarring. The heat from the laser also stimulates collagen production so the skin will heal smoothly and evenly after the procedure.

Alternative Treatments

Some people would not immediately decide to undergo surgical or medical treatments and would look for alternatives. Most alternatives are not medically proven and would most of the time be ineffective. However, if you are one of those people who wish to try it nevertheless, below are some alternatives for removing your mole/s.

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Food-based Treatments

This type of approach in removing moles can be either be done orally (eat) or direct application to the mole. Though there are no concrete studies to determine the relationship of moles and food, many people have testimonies of their moles getting lighter or even disappearing with food-based treatments. Here are the things you can do for this approach:

  1. Go on a plant-based diet. What you eat will definitely have an effect on your skin. As they usually say, beauty comes from within. If you are healthy, your skin will glow naturally and will lessen the chance for melanocytes to accumulate thus, pigmentation will not occur. Eating plant-based food like kale and broccoli will help you get rid of unwanted moles.
  2. Apply food usually incorporated in mole removal creams to your moles. Most mole removal creams have food as the main ingredient – cauliflower, grapefruit, radish, walnuts, banana peel, honey and others. They are not directly applied as they are but are usually made into paste or juice before being applied to the mole. For the mole to absorb the juice or paste properly, leave it for 15-20 minutes, let it dry and wash off. Do this repeatedly as necessary, however, if any allergic reactions or pain felt, discontinue immediately,

Non-Food-based Treatments

This type of approach involves using of non-food substances that are also used in beauty products such as baking soda and castor oil. They are usually also applied to the mole and is repeatedly done as many claims that frequently doing it increases the chance of effectivity.

Concealing the Mole

This type of approach is for people who do not want to take risks in undergoing mole removal treatments in Singapore and even food or non-food treatments. Unwanted moles can be concealed through the following:

  1. Cover your mole using makeup such as powder and concealer.
  2. Wear clothes that can cover your mole, like for example, you can wear long sleeves to cover your unwanted moles in your arms. Or you can wear scarfs or turtle necks to cover your mole in your neck.
  3. Draw away the attention of people from your moles by wearing accessories that will catch more of their attention. You just have to be creative!


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