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Get Rid of the Monolid: What You Need to Know About Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore and Foods for Aftercare

Common to many Asians, especially Southeast Asians, are eyelids that do not have creases or monolids. Having a monolid makes the eye look smaller. Although it is not a beauty flaw (monolids actually look good on men), a lot of women desire to have double eyelids to make their eyes look bigger and brighter.

Many South Korean celebrities are known for undergoing double eyelid procedures to achieve creases in their eyelids and alter the shape of their eyes. This type of aesthetic enhancement is no longer a taboo, as getting a double eyelid surgery is already a usual gift presented by South Korean parents to their teenage daughters.

According to the popular medical portal Ubiqi, the demand for getting ...

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Food and Other Ways to Combat STD’s by Visiting an STD Clinic in Singapore

There is a stigma that looms over STDs or Sexually transmitted disease that most Singaporeans don’t really talk about this matter. It is a sensitive topic that people who have STDs tend to shy away at the idea of getting themselves checked just to avoid the stigma. However, like any other diseases, STDs are a serious matter and requires medical attention.

This is why DB Clinic, a one-stop clinic in Singapore which aims to provide health care men and women’s health and deals with sexual health-related services. It is an STD clinic in Singapore that provides proper screening, diagnosis, treatment and management solutions for individuals affected with STDs.  And in this article, DB Clinic provides facts about STDs ...

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Learn about Laser Hair Removal in Singapore and Foods that should not be Eaten while Healing

There are certain designated places where hair is found in our body. Sometimes the abundance of hair growth in these areas goes out of bounds. Likewise, there are also peculiar parts that play host to strands of hair—parts where there should not be any growth at all.

Do these excess and unwanted hairs bug you with their existence? Have you tried over-the-counter hair removal remedies and grown tired of using them? How much money do waxing salons get from you every year? Are you in search of a more effective way of removing those stubborn hairs?

You are not alone in this. A lot of people actually have the same hair problems that you have. That is why this article ...

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6 Foods to Boost a Woman’s Fertility – Recommendations from a Top Gynae Clinic in Singapore

On average, about 10% of all women will experience some form of infertility. It is very important that women maintain a healthy diet, not just for their health but to also increase their chances of conceiving a baby. Studies have shown that certain nutrients play an important role in the reproductive system and eating the right food is a great way to supply these nutrients to a woman’s body. The best gynaecologists in Singapore agree that a proper diet goes a long way in improving a woman’s reproductive health and libido.

Although these nutrients can be provided by supplements, Dr PK Tan who is an OB-GYN in Singapore at PK Women's Specialist Clinic suggests that eating food rich with ...

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