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Eye Bag Removal Options in Singapore plus Tips on which Foods to Avert Your Eyes from after a Procedure

Under-eye bags affect many, if not all, people. Thankfully, this pesky and unflattering condition can be removed or reduced with proper treatment. Eye bag removal in Singapore is among the most sought after aesthetic procedures during the past years.

Eye bags can make a person look old, tired, and sluggish. These are certainly not the kind of image you want to project, especially when you are with people you aim to impress. A lot of patients visit aesthetic clinics in Singapore like Cambridge Medical to get consultations on how to get rid of their eye bags. Some surprise themselves after knowing that eye bags can now be treated using non-surgical treatments. This is greatly welcomed by patients who ...

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Foods That Can Increase Your Health Risk While Under Macular Degeneration Treatment in Singapore

Unlike other conditions or diseases that affect the other parts of the body, most of those that have an effect on the eyes are irreversible. This means that the chance of eye vision is highly possible if the eye disease is not diagnosed, managed, and treated at an early time.

A common eye condition that is prevalent among Singaporeans is called Macular Degeneration. With Singapore’s ageing population, the number of people with macular degeneration is at a steep climb. Based on ethnicity, research done previously showed that Singaporeans of Chinese and Indian descent are more at risk of developing macular degeneration at an early time. Globally, it is said that 8.7% of visual impairment or blindness is caused by age-related ...

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Recover Fast by Eating these Foods after a Breast Augmentation in Singapore

After a breast augmentation in Singapore, women need some time to recover and heal. During this time, a lot of rest and care is needed for a woman to successfully get through the process. One way to ensure that your recovery goes as painless and smooth as possible is by eating the right types of food.

Allure Plastic Surgery, a top plastic surgery clinic in Singapore, recommends the following food for women in recovery after breast augmentation in Singapore:

1. Water

Humans are made of 75% water, and it is essential that we keep ourselves adequately hydrated every day. For a woman recovering after breast augmentation in Singapore, drinking enough water is even more important as almost everything ...

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Beauty girl hold invisible braces

Facts about Invisalign and Foods Not to Include in Your Diet while Using the Clear Aligners

Teeth straightening no longer list traditional metal braces as the sole option for treatment. Now, more advanced dental technology makes a patient’s journey to achieve straighter teeth less painful and more aesthetically pleasing. People would not even notice you are wearing braces on your teeth!

What are we talking about? Invisalign!

There are now more people choosing Invisalign in Singapore as their dental procedure to fix their misaligned teeth. There are a lot of reasons as well as misconceptions about this method, so we turn to the experts, Dental Designs, to find out more and get our facts straight.

What is Invisalign about?

Invisalign refers to a treatment that uses a series of clear aligners generally to straighten ...

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Ptosis Surgery: Tips and Food to Skip When Seeking Blepharoplasty Treatment in Singapore

Ptosis is a condition that affects the eyelids. This is characterised by a droopy eyelid caused by weakened muscles. People who have droopy eyelids normally do not go to have their eyes corrected. This should not be. Although Ptosis may seem not to affect the body’s health in a major way, the truth is, leaving it untreated can pose serious consequences. For one, it can have an effect on the eye’s ability to see with clarity.  Also, it can cause headaches and tiredness.

You have probably landed on this page by typing "ptosis surgery Singapore" on Google and pressing the search button. Regardless of the reason or method you got here, whether you know of someone with this kind of ...

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Acne Scar Removal

Get Smoother Skin with Effective Foods and Acne Scar Removal Treatments in Singapore

Acne scars are only permanent when you let them be. With the continuous development of aesthetic technology, more and more treatments have surfaced to treat this pesky skin condition. Services for acne scar removal in Singapore are always a common inquiry, says Dr Chua Cheng Yu, a respected and experienced aesthetic doctor.

If you are one of the many acne scar sufferers and do not know where to start your acne scar removal journey, you can start right here! This article presents the top procedures used for acne scar removal in Singapore as well as a list of foods that are helpful in pampering your skin back to health once you have undergone treatment.

How does an acne scar form ...

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Food for Eye Health and Other Important Facts about Epiretinal Membranes

1. Epiretinal membranes can cause some vision loss.

The Epiretinal membrane (ERMs) is the thin, nearly transparent layer of fibrous tissue that can form a film on the inner surface, or macula, of the retina. The presence of these membranes can cause mild vision loss and makes images look blurry to people affected.

People who have epiretinal membranes also observe that straight lines appear wavy instead, and the effects can worsen over time. Having epiretinal membranes will not cause total blindness, and there are cases where they have no effect on vision at all. However, even if no symptoms are observed at first, it can cause a gradual loss or distortion of vision over time.

2. Most people with ...

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Breast Implant Surgery and the Best Food for a Quick Recovery

Having large breasts can boost a woman’s confidence. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t always give us what we want. However, by using technology we can improve our physical appearance and confidence with breast implant surgery.

On the other hand, many Singaporean women are opting for breast augmentation surgery to increase their bust size. The process involves transferring fat from other parts of the body to the breasts. Furthermore, the process is reliable, long-lasting and provides the desired look.

Let’s take a closer look at breast implant surgery and find out if it’s the best procedure for you.

Understanding breast implant surgery

As the team at explain, there are two main causes of reduced breast size in women—weight loss and pregnancy. Furthermore, loss of ...

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Woman suffering from lower back pain

What Food to Eat Before and After a Lower Back Pain Treatment

Eating the right type and amount of food is very important and essential in a person’s daily life. It gives the body strength and energy to do all their activities, whether it’s their work or studies. Having the right diet and the correct intake of complete nutrients will allow us to live a healthy, more meaningful life.

Following a strict diet before and after a lower back pain treatment is of utmost importance to minimize the discomfort and to speed up recovery. To help you in this ordeal, PhysioActive has prepared the following recommended list of food to consume before and after undergoing treatment for each specific lower back injury:

Common Back Injuries and What Food to Eat ...

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RF Slimming Treatment and What Food to Eat and Avoid After the Procedure

When signs of ageing hit, no one is exempted. You cannot run away from it. One part of our body that is mostly affected by ageing is our skin. No one wants those loose skin, flabs and jiggly parts on your arms and tummy. Want to lose all that sagging skin but don’t have any time to hit the gym?

The LookBook recommends Radiofrequency or RF slimming treatment. Not only it tightens skin, but it also gives your body shape and definition. Continue reading this article to know more about RF slimming treatment and what food to eat and avoid after the procedure. This may be the answer to your sagging skin problem and the curves you are ...

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